My visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster UK

Today I paid a visit with my family to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. This zoo opened in April 2009 and has been flourishing with animals since.

The zoo has a diverse habitats of grasslands, woodland and wetlands carefully adapted to home many species of animals.

I was surprised just how many animals the park had. Nearly 400 animals and 70 different species it’s much bigger than expected. They range from lions, tigers, bears, zebra, giraffe mongoose, meercat, sulcata tortoise, black rhino, ostrich, painted dog, lemurs, baboons, capybara, coat, monkeys, six banded armadillo, giant anteater, giant otter, polar bear, camels, wallabies, bugs and many more.

The wildlife park is home to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation (YWP). Established in 2013 the YWP aims to make the world a better place for wild animals by promoting the conservation of endangered animals.

I understand that further development and expansion of the zoo is planned in the coming years.

There are several cafe selling food and drinks including the Masai Coffee House, Safari Cafe, Tsavo Bakehouse, Monkey Playhouse and Leopard Kiosk. There’s play areas for the children across the zoo and a shop located at the entrance/exit selling all the zoo and animal memorabilia.

It was a fun trip and thoroughly recommend a visit to the park, it’s well worth it.