Let’s save women’s sports 20th July 2022 at 7 pm

Join me streaming live on Wednesday at 7 pm (UK Time) under the tree shading from the record UK hot weather chatting about saving women’s sports from a pernicious gender ideology.

I’ll be talking about the recent developments with some sporting bodies like FINA changing their rules to stop biologically born males who have gone through male puberty and with a clear advantage from competing with females. But have FINA gone far enough? Should all males regardless of whether they have gone through puberty or not be stopped from competing in female sports. After all, it is a female-only sport!

Are we seeing the tide turning in favour of female-only sports without the inclusion of males? Or is it too late, has a pernicious gender ideology pushed the sport over the edge forever?

Will more women speak out to protect their sports? And who will be the next sporting body to turn their female sports into, well, female only?

Join Alex under a tree discussing the impact of gender ideology on women’s sports this Wednesday at 7 pm and let’s all chat!

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