Let’s talk trans ideology 27th July 2022 at 7 pm

Join me live streaming Wednesday 27th July at 7 pm (London time) as we discuss the forgotten voices in the big push for gender neutral toilets – religious groups, disabled women, rape victims etc. What about their rights?

I’ll be discussing the increasing number of parents becoming concerned about gender-neutral toilets in schools. Girls no longer having privacy from boys and increasing cases where girls are refusing to use the toilet in schools.

A recent survey revealed that 98% of the British public wants to keep single-sex changing rooms and separate toilets for men and women – so why the big push to remove them?

And I’ll be asking the question: Is controversial Stonewall no longer fit for purpose?

I’m also pleased to announce that after a long wait I’m finally on Trump’s Truth Social. Please consider joining and following me on this platform and let’s start some conversation over there. You can find me by following this link: https://truthsocial.com/@alexbloodfire

Please follow the stream link below on Wednesday at 7 pm and join in with the conversation!

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