Women’s Sport -v- Gender Ideology on 13th August 2022 at 7 pm

Join me this Saturday night discussing the future of women’s sport -v- gender ideololgy.

Much progress has been made in the United Kingdom fighting against a pernicious ideology but will the rest of the world follow? Both the English Football Rugby Football Union and the Irish Football Ruby Union have banned biologically born male adults from participating in female contact rugby. This follows British Triathlon who banned all male-born people, however they identify from the female categories.

This is good news for women’s sports and their is a big push, particularly on Terf Island for all sporting bodies, to remove males, however they identify from their female sports categories. But the fight is fierce and the backlash to allow males to be given a platform to cheat and full access to women’s changing rooms, showers and toilets is in full swing.

Volunteers Matthew Mason-Hames and Dairin Keating resigned from Rugby Football Union after the ban was imposed on biologically born males from female-only full-contact rugby. Good riddance to the both of them. And a small number of deluded trans activists crashed the England women’s Twickenham training session waving their pink and blue flags.

Who will be the next sporting body to kick males, however they identify, out of female sports?

Will you speak out to stop the invasion of women’s sports?

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