The sinister attacks on the LGB Alliance – 27th August 2022 at 7 pm

Please join me on this Saturday evening from 7 pm (London time) for another live stream.

I’ll be discussing the cowardly and sinister attacks that the LGB Alliance have endured since the charity was formed back in 2019

Deluded and deranged people who call themselves trans activists, of which many are not trans, spend their days smearing lies about LGB Alliance across social media trying to bring the professional charity down. The same people aggressively push gender theory into our schools to indoctrinate our kids as young as three years old. Disgusted parents launch emergency legal action to stop compulsory #Gender classes for 3-year-olds. And the same people aggressively pushing gender theory into 4000 schools in the US Radical gender theory is now being pushed in more than 4,000 #US schools. To say these people are going after your kids with their gender rubbish is an understatement!

These are the so-called ‘progressive’ people that routinely attack women online, at their place of work, and at events for simply speaking up for women’s rights and child safeguarding. These are the so-called ‘progressive’ people who cause pile on after pile on to shut women up, to get women silenced, to get women banned, suspended or accounts locked on Twitter and other Silicon Valley social media. These are the people coming after the LGB Alliance simply because this professional registered charity subscribes to the equality act of Great Britain, subscribes to biology and subscribes to science.

This professional registered charity, LGB Alliance, was set up in opposition to the controversial Stonewall, a so-called LGBT organisation which many LGB people say has abandoned them in favour of a pernicious trans ideology. Recently and much to the surprise of people still supporting Stonewall they Tweeted out the following outraging many people across Britain.

The controversial trans charity Mermaids and their ilk have launched a thoughtless attempt to have LGB Alliance’s charity’s status removed. It’s extremely unlikely Mermaids will win and likely expose Mermaids themselves in ways they haven’t anticipated. But this pointless challenge costs money and LGB Alliance is being forced to raise nearly a quarter of a million pounds to fight back. That’s the law, unfortunately!

You can help defend the professional registered charity, LGB Alliance from Mermaids’ attack by making a donation to their crowd-funder and more importantly share across your social networks to bring to the attention of people what Mermaids is doing.

Please join me this Saturday from 7 pm and let’s chat about the real reasons trans activists are trying without success to get LGB Alliance shut down!

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